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Programs & Activities

Reader’s Theatre

The Playhouse presents Radio and Readers Theatre events during the season.  Actors perform with scripts in hand reducing the need to memorize.

Our Readers/Radio Troupe also perform at community centers and assisted-living facilities. They perform radio scripts or play selections. 

If you would like to “play a part” in our troupe come attend our Reader’s Theatre Social or sign up to audition for a Radio Show production at the Playhouse by clicking on the button below.

Reader’s Theatre Social

Reader’s Theatre Social events occur at 10 AM on the third Thursday of the month, September through May (excluding only December).

All are very welcome. No experience required but always enjoyed. 

Scripts and roles are assigned with about a 45 minute rehearsal and then the Readers entertain each other for the next 45 minutes. Coffee and light snacks provided.

To sign up to attend a Reader’s Theatre Social and be reminded of when they are, click on the button below.