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A Guide to Visiting Daytona Playhouse


We’re so happy to welcome you to the playhouse! Here are some tips to make sure your visit is enjoyable!

What should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code. Some patrons arrive dressed casually and comfortably while others use a night out at the theatre as an opportunity to dress up.

We suggest you bring a sweater if you prefer to stay warm as our auditorium is kept cool for our actors and equipment.

Where is the playhouse located?

100 Jessamine Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
(386) 255-2431

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes before the performance so you have time to park and visit our concessions stand before you take your seat.

What if I arrive late?

Life happens, but please try to arrive on time. We don’t want you to miss a moment! Latecomers will be asked to remain in the lobby until an appropriate break in the action. In some cases, you may be seated in an alternate location inside the theater.

Where should I park?

Our main parking lot is between the theatre’s front entrance and the Halifax River. You can also park in any unmarked and unnumbered space in our neighbor’s lot at Bayshore Condominiums.

Give yourself extra time for parking before our Sunday matinee shows as they tend to sell out.

What about food and drinks?

Snacks—both salty and sweet—are available at concessions inside the lobby. You can also buy water, soda, beer, and wine.

We accept cash and credit cards. All sales support the playhouse.

You’re free to take your treats inside the auditorium.

What about my phone?

Please turn off your devices prior to the start of the show. Texting is not allowed during the performance. During the announcements before the curtain goes up, we’ll remind you about this in case you forget.

What about photos or videos?

Photographs, video capture, and audio recording are all prohibited during the show for a couple of reasons. We don’t want to interrupt our actors and the plays and musicals we present are protected by copyright.

Be sure to get your selfies in the lobby before the show, during intermission, or after the show.

How do I find my seat?

Ushers will be standing by at the doors to our auditorium. They’ll offer you a playbill and will be able to take you to your seat.

What about accessibility?

There is a set of six stairs between our front lobby and the main lobby. We have a lift for those needing assistance. We also offer Special Needs Seating in the auditorium (contact the Box Office for these tickets). Assisted listening devices are available at the Box Office.

The State of Florida has reminded us that under state and federal law we risk losing our license to sell alcohol if we do not ensure only trained service dogs as defined by law are allowed on our premises.

Find out more about accessibility.

What if I have questions or need help?

Before you arrive at the playhouse, you can call the Box Office or email us.

Once you arrive, you can check in with the Box Office about future shows. If you need help with anything else, ask our House Manager (look for the nametag) or any usher.

Anything else?

Thanks for visiting Daytona Playhouse and enjoy the show!

Guilty Pleasures
Content Advisory

• Mature adult situations

P.S. Your Cat is Dead!
Content Advisory

• Violence
• Profanity
• Mature adult situations

Content Advisory

• Fake guns
• Gunshot sound effects

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Content Advisory

• Fake guns
• Loud noises
• Strobe lights
• Profanity
• Adult situations

Bonnie & Clyde
Content Advisory

• Flashing lights
• Gunshot effects
• Adult themes
• Simulated violence