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Our History

Our History

Originally compiled for our 50th Anniversary
By Ernie Dyer

What starts a community theatre on such an odyssey, an odyssey that continues to this day?  It begins with members of that community who want to see and experience live theatre for themselves.  In our case, it began in December of 1946 when a group consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Saltzman, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Landphair met at the WMCE to discuss forming a theatre group.

Plans were laid at that meeting to organize an amateur theatre group to be called The Daytona Beach Little Theatre.  In January of 1947, Mary Jan Reid was elected president, and in March of that year the fledgling group produced its first play, Nothing But The Truth, a comedy written by James Montgomery. It was presented in the old Seabreeze High School.

A State Charter was applied for and received on June 21, 1948.  By that time the Daytona Beach Little Theatre had presented several more plays, some produced at the Seabreeze High School location, and others at the Seabreeze Recreation Hall.

Later the group was given permission to set up headquarters at the Welch area at that time a no longer used WAACS barracks dating from World War II, and now the campus of Daytona Beach Community College.  They performed there for three years, until the place was burned to the ground on March 15, 1951.  On that date, they had just closed a successful run of See How They Run, and two more plays were planned.  New scenery had been purchased and a four year collection of scripts and costumes stood available and ready for use.  All were lost, with only $1,000.00 of insurance.

The plucky group started over from scratch at the charming Moorish style Princess Theater, downstairs in the historic Princess Issena Hotel, now the site of a Wells Fargo Bank on Seabreeze Boulevard, but at that time a very beautiful old hotel.  They performed there for five years.

While the group was still at the Welch area, “Pop” Blyden came on the scene, first as a volunteer, and then as a paid director for Smilin’ Through. He was to remain in that position for seven years, and become the theatre’s most loved and remembered director.

During the time at the Princess Theater a fund raising drive was held, and in June of 1954 the present lot on the Halifax River was purchased.  On April 21, 1955 ground was broken, and on April 23, the laying of the foundation began.

In the meantime the Membership was solicited for donations and the purchase of common and preferred stock offered to the public.  The sum of $30,000.00 had to be raised before a bank loan could be obtained.  On October 12, 1955, the Little Theatre Building Corporation, Julius Davidson President, presented the completed building to the Daytona Beach Little Theatre in a formal ceremony before 400 people.

The first production in the new facility was Sabrina Fair, directed by “Pop” Blyden.  “Pop” had overseen the design and construction every step of the way.  And, as a result, we have a modern plant with a fly loft capable of flying drops and set pieces, with an auditorium seating 299, and a proscenium stage complete with orchestra pit.  Many theaters being built now lack these amenities.  So, thanks to “Pop” the Little Theatre was ahead of its time.  The dream had come true, and “Pop” remained as director until forced to retire by ill health in 1957.

The Daytona Beach Little Theatre continued producing six plays each season, and during Bryant Simms’s tenure as director from 1959 until 1967 musicals were added to brighten the scene.

In 1968 at the annual Meeting it was decided the time had come for a name change and the Daytona Beach Little Theatre became The Daytona Playhouse.  The same schedule of six plays and musicals has been adhered to from then until the present, sometimes augmented by summer productions.

The Playhouse continues to serve to the community and is focused on remaining a Community Theatre entertaining residents and visitors while providing an outlet for the abundant artistic talent in our community. It is still very much a family affair with parents, children, and grandchildren involved.

Over the years changes have been made.  In 2015, we renovated the front of the Playhouse with expansive restrooms and a new box office, even a lift for wheelchairs and walkers.

So where do we go from here?  Who knows?  We’re still going strong!

Program from our first production
Nothing But the Truth
Old and tattered, yet utterly cherished
Program from our first production on March 22, 1947
Presented in the old Seabreeze High School Auditorium
Excerpt from program:
It is the purpose of the group to bring to you good entertainment at a reasonable price. We “play” for the love of it, which fact we hope will create a feeling of unity between player, plot and audience which we believe to be the essence of “Good Theatre”. It continues to guide us to this day.
Outward Bound
Princess Theatre
Princess Issena Hotel
September 18 & 19, 1949
Cast: Carl Davidson, John Eckerson, Frank Pyle, Tom Brininger, Doris Roberts, Mabel Baker, Nan Thompson

Guilty Pleasures
Content Advisory

• Mature adult situations

P.S. Your Cat is Dead!
Content Advisory

• Violence
• Profanity
• Mature adult situations

Content Advisory

• Violence
• Mild language
• Some sexual innuendo
• Fake guns
• Gunshot sound effects

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Content Advisory

• Fake guns
• Loud noises
• Strobe lights
• Profanity
• Adult situations

Bonnie & Clyde
Content Advisory

• Flashing lights
• Gunshot effects
• Adult themes
• Simulated violence